We get it. Finding the right dentist for you involves many factors beyond treatments.

It’s important to find the right combination of expertise, personality, location, and chairside manner of the dental team.

That’s why Dr. Ng and her team made it their mission to work with you to ensure that you enjoy optimal oral health.

From the moment you step into Dr. Ng’s office, you will experience the personal, attentive care your oral health deserves.

We are dedicated to helping you, and every member of your family, achieve a healthier, beautiful smile.

Dr Ng is an Ottawa dentist accepting new patients.


Dr. Ng builds strong relationships with her patients. Together,
with her team, she ensures her patients receive the best care.


We will get to know you in order to meet your expectations.
We will actively listen to your concerns, questions and opinions.
We will educate you on the procedures and tools we use.
We will deliver a complete treatment plan with your full involvement.
We will pursue excellence in all aspects of dentistry.


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Full Circle Nearly twenty years ago a young girl named Kaila entered my office and became a new patient of mine along with her parents. She was always pleasant, full of spunk and inquisitive.  Over the years I was fortunate to witness her grow from a little girl through her teenage years and then blossom into […]


During a check-up, one of many things I’m looking for is a dry mouth. Dry mouth becomes more prevalent as one ages due to things like genetics, medications or illness. And with reduced saliva and the presence of sugar, an acidic environment is created. This is very destructive to teeth, causing rapid decay. Can we […]


One of the things I have learned is that communication is the key to having a good working relationship with patients who have trusted me with their dental care. I endeavour to listen to each patient’s concerns and provide the information necessary for them to make an informed decision. I am fortunate to have many […]


In spite of so much research and science in the fight against caries in our modern world, I find that I am still restoring too many decayed teeth. It is especially upsetting to see this in young children. I would much prefer preventing the onset of decay than restoring teeth. Why have we not found […]



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