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Gradual Steps to the New Normal

By: Dr. Ng | June 4th, 2020

Our community has been through a lot these last few months, and all of us are looking forward to returning to some normality. We will all need time to adjust to the “new normal”. As we move gradually to opening the office, there is one constant that will never change

My deep commitment to the health and safety of all patients and staff.

I want you to be aware how things will be different when you come for your next visit.

  1. Our office will contact you for screening before your appointment and you will be screened again in office.
  2. Each team member will undergo the same screening process, before their day begins.
  3. There is now a glass barrier at reception.
  4. The coffee station and magazines, unfortunately, have been removed to lessen the risk of transmission.
  5. We will ask you to apply hand sanitizer when you enter the office.  There will be hand sanitizer throughout the office for your use. 
  6. All patients will be required to wear a mask before entering the office.
  7. We will be taking your temperature.
  8. Unfortunately, the office washroom will no longer be available to the public.  The public washroom near the elevator in the foyer is still available.  
  9. In order to facilitate physical distancing there will be a new personalized system of arrival.  Sam will explain the details upon confirming your appointment.
  10. There will be measures in place to maintain physical distancing in the reception area for essential caregivers and parents of minors if they cannot wait in a vehicle or outside the clinic.
  11. Appointments will be managed to allow for physical distancing between patients. We hope we can count on your flexibility and understanding when scheduling your appointment.
  12. Our team will be wearing new personal protection equipment such as face shields, goggles, gloves, gowns, masks, head covers to enhance safety.
  13. The door to your operatory will be closed whilst you undergo your treatment.
  14. New protocols will be introduced to reduce or eliminate airborne aerosols during all dental procedures.
  15. Your appointment times will be longer to allow for the safest and most comprehensive treatment.
  16. Enhanced operatory disinfection procedures of all surfaces will take place between patients. 
  17. Ambient air will continuously be managed using enhanced HVAC disinfection with UV light/Super HEPA air filtration to remove microbes.
  18. Complete office disinfection will occur on a nightly basis once the office is closed for the day.
  19. All outside mail and packages will undergo a disinfection procedure upon entering the office.
  20. We will offer tele-dentistry services for consultation, treatment planning and follow-up. 

Thank you so much for your trust and support. I look forward to seeing you all and catching up.

Dr. NG

Dr. Ng builds strong relationships with her patients. Together, with her team, she ensures her patients receive the best care.