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By: Web Master | April 21st, 2020

Today on this Adminstrative Professionals Day, I wish to salute Samantha (Sam) who has been with me since 2011. She started with me when she had recently finished her dental assisting program at Algonquin College. There was no leisurely entry into her new job. She was fully immersed from the very beginning. She had much to learn quickly as she adapted what she had learned at school into the real world. At times, it was a difficult process and she had to weather my many criticisms. Through it all, she maintained her humble attitude, quietly working hard at the challenges presented to her. It was evident early on that she clearly intelligent and resourceful.

As she developed in her role as my assistant, I was also learning to be a better dentist and employer. I worked long hours and Sam was willing to put in those extra hours to support me. Together we overcame many obstacles. She handled the pressure well and we slowly began to develop the core values of our office: Hard work, respect, integrity and stronger together.

As she grew more confident as my assistant, she took on the task of learning about the front desk from my then administrator, Michelle. She was a quick learner and soon could slip between chairside to front desk with ease. When Michelle left, Sam took over the position as full time administrator. She has become the first smiling face our patients see and keeps our office running smoothly.

Sam has played a major part in the life of my practice. The simple truth is she has been a huge reason for its success. Sam and I have been through much together. She came to me young, inexperienced but willing to learn. It makes me so proud to see her become the confident, capable, smart, young woman she is today.

I know my high standards can try the nerves of many and I’m not the best at compliments. But I am always appreciative of those around me. Thanks Sam for all you’ve done. You’ve made me a better boss and person.

Dear Valued Patients,

The Royal College of Dental Surgeons, the body that regulates dentistry in Ontario, has recommended that all non-essential and elective dental services be suspended immediately. This is in response to COVID-19 pandemic and the need for social distancing.

The health and well- being of our patients, staff and the community is of the highest priority, and therefore I shall be closing our office effective March 16.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause any of you, and trust that you understand and support this measure. If you have a dental emergency please contact me at 613-255-7988 or via email at

I will endeavour to take care of you as quickly and effectively as possible.

We will continue to monitor this situation as it evolves, and as soon as things stabilize, we shall be contacting you to reschedule your dental appointment at the first mutually convenient time.

Stay safe and well.

Christine Ng