Getting Started

Getting to know you

During your first appointment, we will review your medical history in general and dental history in particular. Doing so will allow us to get to know you better.  Dr. Ng will conduct a comprehensive exam which will include taking photographs, intraoral radiographs (X -rays), an assessment of your TMJ, and a thorough intraoral examination.



Upon reviewing the information gathered from your first appointment, a separate appointment will be dedicated to discussing your diagnostic assessment and treatment plan.

Dr. Ng also consults with specialists in other areas when she feels it is advisable.



Our office functions by scheduled appointments.  We do our utmost to be on time out of respect to you.

If you cannot keep your scheduled appointment, we would appreciate receiving 2 business days notice so that someone else may use your appointment time.  Please do not hesitate to inform us of any specific needs you may require and we will try out best to accommodate them.

Please contact Samantha at or 613-234-3099



For patients with insurance coverage, we will electronically process your claim, or alternatively, provide you with standardized forms.  Please remember to bring your dental insurance information to your initial visit to ensure that your dental claims are processed as quickly as possible.

The service provided in this office is an agreement between you and our office.  We request that you settle your account at the end of each appointment and the insurance carrier will then reimburse you.  If you require, we will assist you in the pre-determination of your claim by supplying you with an estimate.

If any financial arrangements are necessary, or if there are any questions regarding your account, please do not hesitate to discuss this with our office staff.

Your Role

We ask that you try to explain your needs and problems as accurately as possible. With complete and accurate information, we are best able to meet your expectations.

Dr. Christine Ng

Dr. Christine NG